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Building and Scaling ​HR Operations for ​Startups

Vanessa Gutierrez

Fractional HR Operations Leader

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Startups don't need a full-time, entry-level ​HR person. They need an HR expert for a few ​hours a week to ensure people operations ​are in order for investors and audits.


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Employee Lifecycle

Onboard New Hires

Employee Verifications

Terminate Employment

Policies and Procedures

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Compliance Controls

Contract Renewals

Workers Compensation

SOC Compliance Audit Prep

Taxes and State Registrations

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Strategic Operations

Company Intranet

System Integrations

Document Management

HR Software Implementations

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Contractor Administration

Collect W-9s

Pay Contractors

Respond to Accountant

Process Reimbursements

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As a seasoned HR operations professional, I specialize in providing ​strategic HR solutions to early-stage companies. With a passion for ​efficiency and innovation, I transform HR workflows and implement ​cutting-edge technologies to simplify organizational complexities.

By collaborating closely with your team, I develop tailored HR tech ​stacks and streamlined processes that alleviate administrative burdens ​and drive growth.

My commitment is to be your trusted HR partner, offering solutions that ​enhance operational efficiency and contribute to your long-term ​success.

With a deep understanding of the start-up landscape, I navigate the ​complexities of HR while keeping your business agile and focused on its ​core objectives.



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Project Based

Tailored for clients seeking targeted support ​for specific initiatives or challenges. This plan is ​ideal for businesses looking for expert ​assistance on a particular project, such as ​launching a new product, implementing a new ​system, or navigating significant organizational ​changes. We work closely with you to ​understand the scope and objectives of your ​project, delivering customized solutions, ​strategic planning, and hands-on support to ​ensure your project is completed successfully, ​on time, and within budget.

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Monthly Retainer

Offers ongoing support and strategic guidance ​tailored to your business needs. This plan is ​designed for clients who require continuous ​assistance in areas such as HR management, ​payroll services, recruitment, and strategic ​planning. With a fixed monthly fee, you have ​predictable costs and the flexibility to access ​our expertise as needed. Our dedicated team ​becomes an extension of your own, providing ​you with the reliability and consistency ​necessary to achieve long-term success and ​growth.

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Designed for businesses that need flexible, as-​needed support without the commitment of a ​long-term contract. On Demand services offer ​access to our full range of expertise whenever ​you need it, whether it's for unexpected ​challenges, short-term projects, or specialized ​advice. This plan provides the ultimate ​flexibility, allowing you to tap into our ​professional services on an hourly or per-​project basis, ensuring you have the support ​you need, exactly when you need it.

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Why Fractional HR


Typically an HR manager, HR director, or even HR generalist needs to ​have a broad skill set, inclusive of recruiting, hiring, compliance, ​compensation, and employee engagement. At times, though, HR ​professionals may not have experience in the practice areas you need ​most. The right fractional HR professional can support specific ​projects with greater expertise that would otherwise require hiring ​one or more HR specialists.

Risk Mitigation

One of the most critical tasks that the HR function is responsible for is ​compliance. That includes ensuring policies and practices are ​compliant, employment laws are being followed, and the workplace is ​equitable and fair for all employees. Through auditing, policy review, ​and strategic recommendations, a fractional HR professional can help ​ensure compliance on a short-term or project basis.


Investing in a full-time HR professional is a commitment in and of ​itself. For many small and even mid-sized organizations, that first HR ​hire can feel like a leap of faith. Fractional HR can help these ​organizations understand the dynamics of an HR function without the ​long-term commitment.

Cost Savings

Since HR is typically not directly a revenue-generating function, it ​comes under more financial scrutiny than other departments. The ​overhead of full-time HR professionals is clear: salary, benefits, ​technology, professional development, etc. Fractional HR removes ​much of the associated overhead.

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